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David Gaddy

First Baptist Church Mebane NC
Mebane, North Carolina
I AM a Youth Pastor, and I AM SECOND because Jesus is FIRST. I will hit you where it hurts with no apology....i will challenge your habits and the way you live....i will show you the invite that God has for you to become a child of His through a relationship with Jesus Christ....i will invite you to serve God with everything you have and challenge you to seek nothing in return...i will invite you into a community where we are not perfect, but you will be accepted...I will invite you into a family that is falling short, but is not giving up...I will invite you because thats who I am and what I do...I AM a Youth Pastor, and I AM SECOND because Jesus is FIRST. I'm no one special! I have my own problems and issues i deal with everyday which i'm getting better at dealing with through the help of friends and God! I wrestled with God for a long time before i gave in and decided to turn my life over to Him and become a pastor. Its a tough move. I am a student of the Campbell University Divinity School getting my Master of Divinity. So nowadays, I just try to live for God, which is hard to do nowadays since everyone wants to eliminate God from our society. But always remember, God sent His only son to die for you...put Him on a cross to shed his blood for you and me and everyone on this earth. You want to know the greatest example of love?? God sending His only Son to be beaten and bruised, battered and scarred for a lost people to have a way back into His arms is that example! And thats the message i will preach to the end of my days! If I'm breathin, then I'm preachin!! I'm livin for God. Period, end. He's the one that created me and helps me to survive. I've been through a lot of trials and tribulations and I can only give JESUS MY SAVIOR the glory for pulling me through. I still screw up and fall like any other person on Earth. But in the end, I know that I will see the face of the Father and that keeps me going! I like all kinds of junk...so im ready for anything...sky diving is something i cant wait to do though!!!! I love doing crazy stuff like you see on Fear Factor cuz fear is not a factor for me!! im proud to say that I AM A CAROLINA TAR HEELS FAN 4 LIFE!!! GO HEELS!! ---I met Emily Jones on 7-19-08 and my life has never been the same. In the words of The Zach Brown Band, "She's gonna be my wife."---and then she said I DO 7-31-10!!

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